A fortnight ago Golix unveiled its first Bitcoin ATM, the latest project in the company’s efforts to provide people in Africa with financial autonomy and to introduce them to an alternative way to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

The ATM is attracting a lot of attention, not only in Zimbabwe but from followers and watchers of the cryptocurrency space in the region and around the world.

This buzz has also attracted the focus of global media with the most recent case being a feature on CGTN Africa, the African bureau of China Global Television Network CGTN. An interview with Golix’s product manager, Yeukayi Kusangaya, was aired on the CGTN evening news on 18 April 2018.

CGTN is an English-language news channel run by China Central Television (CCTV) the Chinese state broadcaster. Its content is focused on African business, politics and societal issues – coverage that appeals to anyone interested in the developments on the continent. In Africa, viewers watch on DStv’s channel 409.

You can watch the interview by following the link below.

Why the fuss over a Bitcoin ATM?

The Bitcoin ATM, which is located in the heart of Harare – Zimbabwe’s capital city – has captured the attention of anyone interested in banking and financial services in the country and around the world.

This is not only because it is one of the only two Bitcoin ATMs on Africa but also because it is the only ATM in Zimbabwe that’s actually dispensing US dollars, the country’s base currency since 2009.

Zimbabwean banks have been grappling with a severe cash crisis that has forced them to limit withdrawals and abandon the use of ATMs, especially for dispensing US dollars which are also in short supply. Together with the fact that this machine actually buys and sells bitcoin and Litecoin, the US dollar factor makes Golix’s ATM a major draw.