A few days ago, Golix, the most visible cryptocurrency exchange in Zimbabwe announced its GLX Token Sale launch. The 54 day sale is aimed at raising a total of US$ 32 million which will be used to expand into other African markets. The expansion into other African countries is meant to facilitate the company’s vision of fostering financial autonomy for people in Africa through the use of cryptocurrencies. Already, Golix has expanded into 3 countries i.e. Kenya, South Africa and Uganda which indicates that the company is indeed moving in the right direction.

637,120,049 GLX tokens are available for public sale during this Token Sale, each pegged at $0.05612. Added to that, the Token Sale has affiliate programs which you can take advantage of to gain some extra tokens. Available is the bounty and  referral program as well as a fixed 10% discount for all buyers who hold a valid African passport.

Below is the GLX Token Sale referral program explained and how you can participate in it.

When you refer a friend or colleague to buy our GLX Token, we’d love to show you how much we appreciate it by compensating you with our Referral Bonus. Here’s how it works:


How the GLX Token Sale Referral Program works

There are two types of benefits, one for the referrer and the other for the referee.


A referrer – one who refers a person to buy the GLX Token(s) using the unique link that will be assigned to them by the company issuing out the GLX tokens.

A referee – one who responds to the referrer’s invite by buying the GLX Token(s) using the unique referral link assigned to the referrer.


Once a potential referrer’s application has been approved, a unique referral link will be generated for them. The referrer has to provide his/her referees with this unique link which they (referees) should use to purchase our GLX Tokens. This allows us to assign the referrer the compensation that is due unto them based on the GLX Tokens that will be purchased using that link.


Both the referrer and referee will receive commission for every GLX Token they purchase using this program (over and above other discounts and bonuses attained through other official means).


Compensation for referrers

Referrers will receive compensation in form bonus tokens. Referrers will receive 10% of every amount of GLX Tokens purchased using their uniquely assigned referral link.

Example: For every 1000 GLX Tokens a referee purchases, they will receive 100 bonus GLX Tokens over and above other discounts and bonuses.


Compensation for referees

Referees will receive a flat compensation bonus of 5% for every GLX Token purchase they make using a referral link.

Example: For every 1000 GLX Tokens a referee purchases, they will receive 50 bonus GLX Tokens over and above other discounts and bonuses.


If you are interested in becoming a part of this program, please fill in the form on this link to apply. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted within 24 hours of submission.