Golix, the Zimbabwean company that is using digital currencies to address Africa’s payments and remittances challenges recently experienced a technical fault with its main trading site.

People trying to log onto the Golix site on the 15th of February 2018 between 4.45am and 10.02am was unable to reach it as it was completely unavailable during the period.

Since the disruption occurred and was resolved the Golix site has been online and it is fully functional, with all users able to buy and sell various digital currencies normally.

Information provided by the technical team at Golix was that the Golix web server had encountered a technical fault with its hosting provider, resulting in the unavailability of the site.

In a statement that was issued to the press, Golix’s CEO Tawanda Kembo gave a brief explanation of the technical challenge that had been faced with the Golix site and the hosting provider.

He also commented on the way in which Golix is gleaning lessons from all the disruptions that the company has faced in the past and how these instances are helping the company provide an improved service experience.